Display Advertising

  • The purpose of Display Advertising is to increase the brand awareness and show ads to interested and relevant customer.
  • It will be cheaper than PPC.
  • In this the bidding strategy is CPM ( Cost-per-thousand impression )


Steps :

Go to Campaign > Display network only > No Marketing Objective > All features


Frequency Capping

  • Number of times a unique user can see the ad from a campaign.


Ad group

  • Similar to PPC campaign we have to create ad Groups for each product. Each adgroup can be targeted to specific audience using targeting methods.


Targeting methods

  • Display keywords :  Show ads on site related to your keyword, it is auto placement.
  • Interest and remarketing : Any person who have shown interest in a topic will see ads of the topic on any website.
  • Use different targeting method :
  • Topics – Show ads about specific subject.
  • Placements – Show ads on websites the user choose.


Display planner tool

  • Using this tool we can find out all the website in display network related to specific topic.



  • Target based on age and gender.


Exclusion option ( Negative keyword )

  • With all techniques of inclusion we can also exclude user.


Types of ads

  • Responsive ad

The ads will be displayed as a part of content and it will avoid ad blocker.

  • Image ad

This ads are of different sizes according to space provided in website.


Popular ad sizes

  • 300 x 250 inline rectangle
  • 336 X 280 large rectangle
  • 120 X 600 skyscraper
  • 160 X 600 wide skyscraper
  • 480 x 60 banner
  • 728 X 90 leaderboard
  • 930 X 180 top banner
  • 970 X 90 large leaderboard
  • 320 X 50 small mobile banner
  • 320 x 100 large mobile banner



Remarketing Strategy

  • In this strategy we target those users who already interacted with our business entities like site video apps etc.
  • Remarketing can improve the conversion rate at very low price.
  • Remarketing is done in 2 steps.


1 ) Gathering the audience

2) Creating the campaign

Go to Shared library > Audiences > Website visitors > set up remarketing


Step 1

We can create remarketing list in 4 ways

  • Website visitors
  • Mobile app users
  • YouTube users
  • Customer email

The code has to be copied in all pages of website.

Add code in footer of website.

Use Google tag assistant for Chrome to check wheather your plugin is implemented properly.


Step 2

  • From given data we can create custom audience data by applying segmentation.

Select Campaign > Display network only  > No marketing objectives

  • While creating ad group select interest and remarketing and select remarketing list.


Conversion Tracking

  • In display network we have a new conversion type view through conversion.
  • If the user saw your ad and haven’t click but later fill the form directly then it is counted as you through conversion.