Email Marketing

  • The purpose of email marketing is to connect with existing users and new users to improve the relationship and conversions.


Email Marketing Softwares

  • Mailchimp (Free 2000 emails)
  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • Zooho Mail


Process of Email Marketing

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  • It is recommended to create your account with company mail only.
  • Providing the company name and physical address is mandatory.


Building Subscribers

  • We have to build a subscriber form according to business requirement of project.
  • Creating an account on a
  • Go to menu > Lists > Create list
  • After creating list Go to list à go to settings à list field
  • Integrating form into a website.
  • Go to list which you want to create à Signup form à Embedded form
  • Copy this code into your website to display the form.
  • We can also design of form and send the user directly to the form


Import Subscriber list

  • If you already have a database we can import all data into mailchimp.
  • Go to Add contacts > Import contacts > Copy or Paste from file



  • In this process we divide our database into different segments based on specific criteria.

Example by age, gender, location, category etc.

Go to Manage Contacts > Segments > Create segment > Preview segment > save segment

  • Enable auto update so that any user with certain criteria will be automatically added to specific segment.


Email Campaign

  • Depending on our goal we have to prepare proper content and images to give a proper message to our audience.
  • Email templates can be designed in HTML and CSS or we can use readymade templates.
  • Some email templates will be plain text which can be effective for certain campaigns.
  • We can also create A x B campaign to test multiple email.
  • Go to Campaign à Create campaign à Create an email à Regular
  • Subject of the email marketing campaign is very critical for success of campaign.
  • Personalize the ‘To’ field is good option to avoid spam filters.


Reports :

We have to analyze the following key performance indicators

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce mail
  • Unsubscribed
  • Location