Facebook Advertising

  • To Advertise on Facebook we have to define our goal which can be branding or sales or engagement.
  • Go to create advertise.


Targeting Options

  • Location targeting
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Detailed targeting
  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Behaviours
  • More categories



  • Based on what pages and post are liked my user defines his interest.



  • Based on device, browser etc.



  • If we have a specific and we can display it in multiple places.
  1. Facebook feed in stream videos instant articles.
  2. Instagram feed stories.
  3. Audience network native Banner in stream videos.
  4. Messenger


Budget and Bidding

  • Daily budget
  • Lifetime budget

Note : The daily budget may vary depending on demand (25% change)


Bidding Strategy

We have two types of bidding in Facebook.

  1. CPC
  2. CPM

Note : It is recommended to use default option provided by Facebook.


Ad scheduling

To run the ads at specific time as per our choice.


Ad formats

  • Single image – 1200 pixel x 444 pixel
  • Single video – 4:5 Ratio
  • Slideshow – 16:9 ratio
  • Crousal ad
  • Canvas – interactive ad
  • Collection – e-commerce


Basic guidelines

  • Don’t put more than 20% text in image use Facebook grid tool.
  • Use human picture male or female based on business in an image.
  • Make the ad look like a normal post.
  • Avoid using any business logos of other company.
  • Avoid using disturbing images, adult images, discriminate images etc.

Note : we can add up to 6 images in adset.


Boost Post Technique

Go to Engagement > Post engagement

  • The post which are created by boost post only are not visible in Facebook page.
  • These are called as dark post they perform very well.
  • Size – 1200 X 628 pixel
  • Ratio – 1.91:1


Conversion Tracking in Facebook

  • To create a conversion tracking code we have to generate 2 or 1 for entire website and second for event tracking.

Step 1

  • Click Ads manager > Pixel > setup pixel > manually integrate
  • Under head section copy the pixel code.

Step 2

  • Add the event code in the thank you page of the website.


Remarketing Strategy

  • In Facebook we can retarget those audience who have already interacted with our website or have taken any other action with the page.
  • Go to adverts manager > All tools > Audience