Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is a website analysis tool which helps us to understand the performance of our website.
  • This analysis will help in making decisions for our website.


Popular Analytics Softwares

  • Google Analytics (Free edition)
  • Google Analytics (Premium)
  • Adove site catalyst and omniture (Paid)
  • Webtrends


Key performance indicators ( KPI’s )

  • To measure the success or failure of project we have to analyze certain key performance indicators.
  1. Unique users or visitors.
  2. Sessions number of times website visited.
  3. Average time .
  4. Bounce rate : The percentage of visitors who left the website without visiting any other page. According to industry experts optimal Bounce rate should be 30% to 40%.


Total Conversion

  • Optimal conversion rate is 10%
  • Traffic sources ( Direct, organic search, paid, referral, social )
  • Locations
  • Pageviews


Installing Analytics

  • [ Sign Up ]
  • Account structure
  • Sign up for new account and generate a tracking code.
  • This code has to be added in every page of your website.
  • After installing code verify your installation using Google tag assistant.


Real Time Report

  • To see the data of what is happening right now in the website.
  • Analytics is divided into 4 segments
  1. Audience report
  2. Acquisition report
  3. Behaviour
  4. Conversion report



  • Audience overview report
  • Location report
  • Session duration report
  • Traffic sources report


Exit rate

  • The percentage of users who left a particular page are counted in exit rate.


Navigation Summary Report

  • We can analyze page by page navigation path of user to make better decisions.


Page Timing Report

  • With this report we can analyze how much time the page is taking to load for actual user.


A-B testing

  • With this A-B testing we can able to create a new landing page and test the new landing page performance compared with old one after certain time .
  • Note : In present A-B testing we can test up to 120 designs at a time.


Steps :

  • We have to create a new landing page with has to be different in colour or structure
  • Create a new landing page as per your new design concept.


Conversion Tracking

  • We can able to easily track all the conversion in our site with Goal analysis.
  • Go to conversions > Goals
  • For big company funnel visualisation report will be very crucial for making decisions.