Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

Keyword Research is a process to analize what people are searching for and target those keywords.

Types of Query :

  1. Informational Query :

The intention of user is to get knowledge about a specific topic or service.

Example : What is Digital Marketing

  1. Navigational Query :

Queries that seek information about specific branded site or website.

Example : What is Digital Marketing Wikipedia

  1. Transactional Query :

The user intention is to find product or service and it has a transactional nature.

Example : Digital Marketing Course

Note : Some Queries will have hybrid nature.


Process of Keyword Research

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Step 1 :  In this step understand the business of client.

Step 2 : In this step we have to divide the business in as many categories as possible so that we can target each category effectively.

Step 3 : Search for keywords for each category of business ( Google’s Keyword Planner Tool )

Step 4 : Check for Competition of keywords using MOZ toolbar.


Types of Keywords based on length

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Keyword Research Tools

  • Goole Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Wordstream Keyword Tool


Keyword Research with Adwords Keyword Planner

  • Analyze the monthly volume growth in last 12 months.
  • Analyze the location and Device trend.


Include Filter : With this filter we can get only those keywords which have our target keyword.

Negative Keyword : To eliminate those words which are not relevant to our product right now.

Volume Filter : We can eliminate the keywords based on its volume.


Initial Audit Report

It gives us information about the fundamental factors of the website.

  • Domain Name
  • Age
  • Page Rank
  • Target Location
  • Domain Authority ( DA )
  • Page Authority ( PA )
  • Indexed Pages
  • Backlinks
  • Quality of Contents


Page Authority ( PA ) : It is a metric created by MOZ ( 3rd Party ) to measure the strength of the page. PA range is from 1 to 100.

Domain Authority (DA) : It defines the overall value of domain name. DA ranges is from 1 to 100. Using MOZ toolbar we can get this values.


Competition Analysis

It is a process to understand the difficulty level of the keyword to rank on Search Engine Result Page.


Tools to Measure Competition of Keywords :

  • MOZ Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • SemRush Tool
  • Manual Method : In this technique we have to manually gather the data and match with our compotators to find the difficulty level.