LinkedIn Marketing

  • Background image – 1584 X 396 pixel
  • Profile photo – 600 X 600 pixel
  • Using a Keyword in our name can rank our profile.
  • Professional headline (120 characters)
  • We must write a detailed professional heading which consists of our main keywords.
  • Select your Industry accurately
  • Write summary about yourself which also consists of main target keywords and your specializations.
  • Add your detaild experience so that employer can see your exposure to industry.
  • In each job clearly mentioned your job responsibilities this will help in content creation and helpful for employer.
  • Education

Mention all your High School, 10 + 2, engineering etc.

  • Skills

We can add up to 50 skills in our industry.

  • Your connections can give endorsements for your skills.
  • By getting more endorsements we can improve profile value.
  • Recommendations

Make sure you get recommendations from mentors and Boss.

  • Add your certifications and courses completed and other credentials
  • Interest

Add your interest by following different groups and who are relevant to different industry.

  • Customize your profile URL as your name
  • Connections

Go to My network > add contacts by email

Based on your existing connections linkedIn will provide suggestions add relevent people only with personal message.

Give your LinkedIn URL in other social media network so people can directly connect with you.


LinkedIn company page

  • With LinkedIn company page we can generate followers for the company which help in branding.
  • We have to regularly post company related updates and other industry updates for engaging the audience.
  • The reach of company page is very high compared to other social networks.
  • To hire professional most of the companies use LinkedIn post.


Create page

  • Go to work >  create a company page
  • Cover photo – 1536 x 768 pixel
  • Profile photo – 300 X 300 pixel
  • Filing all the details like company description,  specialities,  website and other details .


Tips for LinkedIn Posting

  • Industry update
  • Useful learning resources
  • Post moral stories
  • Offerings
  • Motivational quotes and inspirational stories.
  • Recommended books
  • Reshare good updates on page


LinkedIn Ads

Go to work  > Advertise > Manager ads > Create ads


Targeting options

  • Location
  • Professional details


LinkedIn Remarketing

  • We can able to add tracking code from LinkedIn to target the remarketing audience from our website.
  • Go to Assets > Insights tag
  • To create a campaign we have to target only this audience at the time of audience selection.
  • Note : we can also create our audience list by uploading customer contact details.


Conversion Tracking

  • To track conversions in LinkedIn we have to add LinkedIn tracking code in our website.


Lead generation Forms

  • We can create custom forms on LinkedIn and directly generate the customer leads from this form.


Bidding and Budget

We have two types of bidding strategies in LinkedIn.

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • Minimum daily budget $10
  • Minimum CPC $1.180
  • Minimum daily CPM budget $18.30
  • Minimum CPM $2.50