Local SEO Ranking Factors

The purpose of Local SEO is to generate top positions in local results.

Many of the local seo ranking factors are foundational in that they are needed any shot at appearing in the neighborhood comes about, yet proceeding to center around them wouldn’t move the needle (appropriate GMB classes, for instance). Then again, a considerable lot of the variables can be viewed as “focused distinction creators” in that proceeding to put resources into them will push your neighborhood rankings further.

By reviewing the members on which factors are foundational and which factors are aggressive contrast creators, I’m wanting to give some direction on what to center around in your continuous neighborhood seek work, after you have set out the best possible establishment.

Submitting the listing to google :

Goto –  google.com/mybusiness

  • We can add a single location or multiple location using excel format.
  • If business name has a keyword it will surely rank on top.
  • Tip – For quick ranking we can use business name + Target Keyword.
  • There should be no duplicate listing on same address.
  • Business can be classified into 3 types
  1. Customer will go to the business
  2. Business will go to the customer
  3. Hybrid – Both
  • Select the most appropriate category relevant to the business.
  • Select Yes and continue.
  • Finish the profile 100% by completing other details in the page like profile photo, hours of operation, manage photos etc.


Important Local SEO ranking factors

  • Include the Name, Address, Phone No. in target website.
  • Include City and state combination in the Title Tag.
  • We have to get Name, Address, Phone No. citations from various local portals which will help in improving the rank.
  • Generate as many positive reviews as possible to increase the content relevancy and ratings.
  • Note – Make sure to respond to all the reviews from your admin panel.
  • Build Backlinks to your actual Google My Business page from your website and other third party sources.

To know more Local Ranking Factors Visit www.moz.com/local-serch-ranking-factors


Recovery Process

In this process our goal is to recover the website if it is hit with any update.

  • Analyze the symptoms of the problem.
  • Sudden fall in website ranking.
  • Slow drop of traffic on a daily basis.
  • Decrease in convertions over a period of time.


Identify the cause of problem

  • In Google analytics identify the drop of traffic on specific date.
  • After identifying the date of traffic fall we need to go to MOZ algorithm change page.
  • By matching the approximate date of fall with MOZ website data we can identify update name.


Recovering the website

  • Panda Update Recovery –

Identify the duplicate content in the website and delete it, this will help in recovery.

  • Penguin Update Recovery –
  1. Downlaod all the backlinks data from Google Webmaster Tool, ahref.com or other tools.
  2. Seprate the DoFollow and NoFollow links. Remove the NoFollow links from the list because they don’t effect with penguin updates.
  3. Check each DoFollow websites its PA and DA and website quality.
  4. And using DisAvow tool from Serch console divalue all the links.