Money Making Strategy

Google Adsense

A program for Website owners to make money by showing ads .


How it works :

  • Advertiser
  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • Publishers
  • Visitors


Factors for success in AdSense

  • Blog Niche
  • Quality of content
  • Traffic sources
  • Target country


Quality of content

  • For any project we must start with 5 to 10 basic unique articles (500 words)
  • Depending on the subject we have to create at least 10 indepth article more than1000 words.
  • We have to regularly update our blog content at least weekly.


Domain and hosting

  • Register a good domain name based on target country.
  • It is recommended to use a Keyword in the domain.
  • Choose the best theme for AdSense.


Rules to apply for AdSense

  • Make sure your website is ready and has minimum 15 to 20 high quality content.
  • Website must have about us, privacy policy and disclaimer.
  • Don’t keep any ads from other networks or affiliate banners.
  • Certain types of content won’t get approval and violence, pirated content, illegal content.
  • Apply for AdSense from your website email and correct name.


How to apply for AdSense

  • Hosted account (YouTube and blogger)
  • Non hosted account
  • Go to à write URL of website à select country à Tick terms and condition à Create


How to integrate code in website

  • To make better profits we have to place ads on certain locations which are considered as profitable.
  • Optimal number of Ads 1 to 4.
  • Inside content place text ads.
  • Top and side use display ads.
  • Go to Menu > My ads > ad units > new ad unit
  • Note: Native formats are very useful for attracting the click and most probably adblocker cannot detect them.


Popular Niches :

  • Health and fitness
  • Jobs
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Fashion


Networks beside AdSense

  • Infolinks
  • net
  • Columbia ads


Affliate Marketing

  • In this strategy our goal is to make profit by promoting products of other companies.
  • We only make profit in this if user has taken some action.
  • Example : Buying the product.


Top affiliate networks

  • Commission Junction
  • Vcommission