Off Page Optimization

Links are Divided into 3 types

  • One way Link ( High Value )

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It is very valuable backlink in SEO. It is very difficult and takes time to get this one way link.


  • Two Way Link ( Link Exchange / Resiprocal Link )

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This is not a valuable link type in real time. Google will detect such link as a spam link.


  • Three Way Link ( Multiway )

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Loop should not be formed.


Do Follow VS No Follow Backlink

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Note :  No Follow links are also essential for diversification.

Link Analysis Tools


Link Building Guidelines 2017-18

  • Quality is important than quantity.
  • Always get links from high quality sites with good PR, PA and DA.
  • Diversify the link portofillo from different sources.
  • Avoid sitewide links from external sites i.e. Links in Footer.
  • Use brand words, avoid exact match keyword anchor texts.
  • Generate No Follow links from high quality sites.
  • Generate links from different IP’s and Domains.


Directory Submission

  • Goto you will get all list of directory sites, submit the link of your website on such websites.
  • Search for more directorys using keywords like high quality directory, websites etc.


Niche Directory Submission

In this technique we have to find those directories which have been specifically created for particular industry i.e. education, business, automobiles etc.


Social Bookmarking

  • Don’t submit in low quality sites as it will affect your site negatively.
  • You can submit in certain high quality social bookmarking sites which are valuable.


Local Business Directory

  • This is very important submission If we are looking for Local SEO ranking.
  • This submission is also suitable for local companies.
  • Submit on popular websites like,,, etc ( Only for Indian Users )

Note : For each country we have to search for different local listing sites.


Classified Posts

Benefits of classified posts are

  • Direct traffic from classifieds
  • Ranking in search engines
  • Backlink

Note : It is recommended to search for classifieds based on country.


 Question & Answers Backlink ( )

The measure benefits of are

  • Brand Authority
  • Direct Traffic and leads from Quora.
  • Top rankings in search engines.
  • Backlink
  • We have to regularly rite answers about our subjects and give a backlink.


Blog Linking

Crate a blog websites with popular blog sites like

  • We can reutilize the content to write the new articles on different blog sites.


Blog Commenting

With blog commenting we can generate one No Follow backlink and also direct traffic if we rite comments on popular blogs and submit your website link.


Guest Blogging

In this technique we can generate backlinks by writing blog post of other websites. Benefits are as follows

  • One Backlink from other section.
  • Brand Awerness
  • Direct Traffic


Social Media Profile Links

Any website which allows creating a profile in any third party website will commander this category.

Example :, etc


Competitor Link Stealing Technique

In this technique we have to analyze the backlinks of our competitor and generate links from those sourses.

Tool used is ( Paid Tool )


Press Release

In this technique we can able to submit our news reports to various PR sites. From this we get a backlink and in some case our news will be published in other news websites. ( )