Google Adwords


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Advertising Networks :

  • Google Adwords
  • Bimg Ads
  • Google Double Click


Google Adwords Account Setup :

  • Click on create an account.
  • Skip the guided setup.
  • Country, time zone, currency can not be changed after creating the account.
  • Billing Options – Automatic and Mannual.
  • We cannot change manual to auto or vice versa.
  • For Indian customers GST of 18% is applied on your advertising coast.


Account Structure :

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Payment Methods :

  • CPC ( Coast Per Click )
  • CPM ( Coast Per Impression )
  • CPV ( Coast Per View )


Creating a Campaign :

  • Select experienced advertisers.
  • Click on create advanced campaign.
  • Select search network only
  • Select both networks ( Search Partners )
  • Locations
  • The way we can include the location, we can also exclude a specific location.
  • Target : People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location.
  • Bulk Locations : To add too many locations quickly.
  • At a time we can add only 1000 locations and Max limit is 10,000.
  • Select Language you want to show ads.
  • Devices : By default all devices are eligible to show ad mobile, desktop and tab.


Bid Strategy 

In auction process we can select bidding in two ways.

  • Automatic
  • Mannual


Maximum CPC bid limit :

  • In auto bidding this is maximum amount upto which Google can bid.
  • Google will always charge less than our max CPC.
  • Initially we have to start with auto bidding.
  • Monthly Budget = Daily Budget x  4
  • On any given day Google can raise the budget by 20%
  • Our monthly budget will never exceed more than the specified amount.
  • On any given day if budget exceeds by 20% Google will give that amount as credit.


Delivery Method :  

  • Standard – Show ads evenly throughout the day.
  • Accelerated – Spend the budget quickly.


Ad extensions :

To improve the ads with advanced features. It increase the CTR by 15%.


Campaign Status :

We have 5 states of a campaign.

  • Pending – Start date is future date.
  • End – End Date is passed.
  • Eligible – Live Campaign.
  • Deleted – Removed.
  • Paused – Temporarily Stopped.


Ad Scheduling :

To schedule days and hours of ads.


Ad Rotation :

Google will rotate our ads according to strategy we select.

  • Optimize for clicks.
  • Optimize for conversions.
  • Rotate evenly.
  • Rotate Indefinitely.


Ad Groups Setup :

  • For each product and services we must create a seprate ad group.
  • Some times we can create adgroups based on website structure.
  • We must have atleast 1 ad and 1 keyword in adgroup.
  • It is recommended to start with 10 to 20 keywords.
  • We have to be very specific about our keywords.


Keyword Match Types :


  • Broad Match Keywords : ( No Special Parameter )

  • In this match type the ad will show if any word matches with user query.
  • It will also show the Ad for plural, misspelling and close variant.
  • It is used for Branding.


  • Phrase Match : (“ ”)

  • In this Match type Ads will show if the same phrase is in the user query.
  • Anything can be added before or after.
  • It includes plural, misspelling and close variant.


  • Exact Match : ( [ ] )

  • In this match type Ads will show only for that target keyword.
  • It includes plural, misspelling and close variant.
  • Reordering and rewarding is included.


  • Broad Match Modifier : ( + )

  • In this match type the words used in BMM must be available in the user query in any order.
  • It includes plurals, misspelling and close variant.
  • If one word is also missing the Ad will not show.


  • Negative Match : ( – )

  • Any keyword matches with this Ad will not show.
  • Plural, misspelling and close variant is not allowed.


  • Search Terms ( Reports )

This report will show which queries the user type for which our ads where displayed.

Goto Keywords > Search Terms


Keyword Research    

Goto Tools > Keyword Planner

For more details visit this page keyword research.


Ad Auction Process

  • It is a process through which adwords will determine the positions of different advertisers.
  • It is not based on price only, we have some other factor to consider.


  1. Ad Rank :

                 Ad Rank  =  Max CPC  X  QS ( Quality Score )


QS ( Quality Score ) :

This factor will determine the quality of the keyword for the given advertiser. This No. will be in range from 1 to 10.

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Quality Score can be viewed in Keywords Segment. We have to add a column for Quality Score.

Goto Column > Modify Column > Quality Score > Quality Score

Quality Score Factors :

  • Click Through Rate ( CTR ) of keywords should be 60%
  • Relevancy of Keywords in Ad Groups.
  • Relevancy of keywords and Ads.
  • Relevancy of landing page and keywords.


Click Through Rate ( CTR ) :

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  • To improve your CTR you have to use auto bidding in beginning.
  • If we have good budget then we can generate better clicks.
  • We now able to analyze separately Ad relevancy, landing page experience and expected CTR.


Types of CPC ( Coast Per Click ) :

For any given Keyword, Google will provide the estimated coast.


  • Estimated first page Bid :

The Minimum amount we have to pay to get our ads in first page.

  • Estimated Top Position Bid :

In this bid type our Ad will appear on the top 4 positions.

  • Estimated First Positions Bid :

          In this bid type our Ad can appear on 1st position.


To activate this data do the following :

Goto columns > Manage Columns > Attributes


Ad Formats :

Headline 1 – 30 Characters

Headline 2 – 30 Characters

Path – 30 Characters

Description – 80 Characters

Final URL –  Landing page


Ad Guidelines :

  • Include the keywords in headline description and display path.
  • We have to create our Ads by including the most important keywords from our ad group.
  • Include promotions offers and prices.
  • Over Capitalization is not allowed.
  • It is recommended to use first letter of important word as a capital.
  • Repeatation of words is not allowed.
  • Word ‘Click here’ is not allowed.
  • Use strong call to action like ‘Buy now!’,’ Call now’,’ Order now’ to increase conversions.
  • Use of Copyright Trademark is not allowed.
  • Include a unique selling point in your ad.
  • Only 1 Exclamation mark is Description.


Ad Extensions :

Ad extensions are used to enhance the ad with new features, with extensions will improve CTR by 15% approximately.

Extensions can be applied in three levels Ad group, campaign and account.

  • Site Links –

To show relevant links for a particular Ad.

Ad extensions > Sitelink extensions > Ad

  • Call Out extensions –

To display unique selling point of the product.

  • Structured Snippet extensions –

To display certain information related to industry.

  • Call extensions –

To display phone number with the Ad.

       Note : In mobile phones CPC is applied when someone click on number.

If call reporting is enabled then Google forwarding number will be used to track the conversion.

  • Message extensions

To display an option to send a message from mobile device.

  • Location extensions –

To display business location data from Google my business.

  • Affiliate location extension-

To display the stores where our product is available.

  • Price extension –

To  display the price of product or service.

  • App extension –

To display an option to download mobile app.

  • Review extension –

To show reviews from any of the trusted newspaper, magazine or industry Association.

  • Aautomate extensions report –

Any other extensions which are generated by Google will be shown here.


Conversion Tracking :

“A conversion is a customer action which has value to your business”

Example :  Purchase online, Fill a form,  Call to business, Download app, visit a key page etc.

Go to tools > conversions > conversion

Types of conversions :

  • Website tracking
  • App tracking
  • Phone tracking

Note :

Conversion value

The amount of benefit were generated from this conversion.

  • Same value
  • Variable value
  • No value

Conversion count are of two types :

  • Every : If one ad click leads to 3 purchases that will count 3 conversions.
  • One : If one aAd click leads to 3 purchases that will count as one conversion.


This tracking code has to be added in Thank you page of website. We can also track this conversion if person click on button also.

DSA Campaign ( Dynamic Search Ads )

In this campaign ads are automatically generated based on website content.

Go to Campaign > Search network only > Dynamic search ads

Creating a page feed and upload it to AdWords.

Go to Shared library > Business data > Page feed

Note :

It is always recommended to Target each subcategory if it is vital for the business.


Reports :

We have to regularly monitor the reports of our campaign to see your performance. Key performance indicators of AdWords are Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Quality score, Average position, Average CPC, Total cost, Number of conversions, Conversion Rate.

To enable this key performance indicators we need to check the columns.

Go to Columns > Modified columns

Access Levels :

With this tool we can provide access to different users who can manage our account.

  • Administrative -Has Full Control + Access to others.
  • Standard – Full control but cannot invite others.
  • Read only – Only view.
  • Email only – Reports by mail.

Go to Settings > Account settings > Account access > users


Shared Budget :

We can set one single budget which can be used to access multiple campaign.

Go to Shared Library > Budgets > Budget

Account Negative Keyword :

We can allow AdWords to automatically make changes to our account depending on certain conditions.


Adwords Guide :

AdWords Fundamentals