Webmaster Tool

It is a control panel to manage our website in search engines.

Important Tools in Google Webmaster Tool :

  • Location Targeting
  • If the website extension is country level it automatically target to that country.
  • If domain is any other extension then we can select our target country.
  • Goto Search Traffic  > International Targeting  > Country


  • Search Analytics Tool –
  • With this tool we can analyze search performance and get the key metrics of the account.
  • KPI Metrics are Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg. Position.
  • Goto Search Traffic  > Search Analytics.
  • Note – Always analyze the impression volume of the keyword if it is high and avg. position is low then this is our target keyword.


  • Link Analysis Tool –
  • We can analyze the Total No. of clicks pointing to our website.
  • The report is divided into 4 segments.
  • Total links, Reffering Domain, Linked Pages, Anchor Text.


  • Internal Links Report –
  • With this report we can analyze the total No. of links pointing to specific pages internally.


  • Manual Actions –
  • If any website is reported as Spam Google will check it and apply manual action on site.


  • Remove URL’s –
  • If we have any unnecessary page inour website we can remove it using this tool.
  • Steps : Delete the page  > Apply this page ad Disallow in Robots.txt  > Apply that URL here.


  • Crawl Errors –
  • It displays all errors which happened while your website was crawled by Google.
  • Steps to remove errors –
  • If the page for which we are getting error, if it is not necessary then remove URL.
  • If the page is necessary then apply 301 redirect and the problem is solved.


  • Sitemaps – Sitemaps are used to submit sitemaps.