Shopping Advertising

  • This campaign is specially useful for E-Commerce websites.
  • The main benefit of this campaign is it is automated based on products in eCommerce sites.
  • It is less expensive comparative to PPC ads.
  • CTR rate and convergence will be higher for this campaign.


Step 1 :

  • Go to > Sign Up
  • After creating the account we need to submit the data feed.
  • Date feed consists of the most important information related to the product that is iD, title, description, price, image link, website link, category, stock etc.


Feed input methods :

  • Google sheets
  • Scheduled fetch
  • Upload
  • Content API


Step 2 :

Go to campaign > shopping

  • In the beginning start with only one ad group.
  • Once our ads are running we can divide our ad groups based on different products available in our E-Commerce site.


Video Ads

  • The purpose of this campaign is to create brand awareness and direct marketing on YouTube.

Go to Campaign > video


Video formats :

  • Instream
  • Video Discovery ads search ads
  • Bumper ads 6 seconds


Bidding Strategy :

  • Instream = CPV (cost per view)
  • Discovery = CPV
  • Bumper = CPM


Targeting options :

  • Similar to display network we can target our ads in YouTube.

Note : We have to link our AdWords account with YouTube channel to complete the Ad process.


Mobile Ads

  • The main purpose of mobile marketing is to encourage the users to install our apps.
  • We can also generate the phone calls with this strategy.
  • We can also promote our business in other mobile app.


App install campaign :

Go to campaign > search network only > standard > mobile app install

Note : Conversion tracking is automatically created whenever person install our app, it is counted as conversion.


Call only campaign :

  • The purpose of this campaign is to generate the calls to your our business.
  • Go to Campaign > search network only > call only campaign
  • It is recommended to schedule the ad because we will receive the call from the customer.
  • Verification URL is used to check whether the phone number belongs to same company.
  • Use only very relevant keywords of transactional nature.


Ads in mobile apps :

  • In this campaign we can display ads in different mobile apps.
  • This is very effective for company who wants to promote their mobile apps.

Go to Champign > Display network only > No marketing  objectives > Ads on mobile apps


Universal Mobile App :

  • From one campaign we can automatically run ads on search Play Store YouTube and display network.

Go to Campaign > Universal app campaign