Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter is a social network for real time communication.
  • we have limited characters of 280 character.


How Twitter is used :

  • Stay connected with news
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer support
  • Connect with experts
  • Participate in contest and offers
  • Generate traffic and leads
  • Note : All companies may not be liable for Twitter marketing due to their niche or target audience.
  • In Twitter personal or business account are separate without any relationship.
  • Both accounts will get same weightage and in various parameters.
  • Username ( it is also called as Twitter handle and most of the time it is not changed )
  • This username will be automatically define as the your custom URL.
  • Select the appropriate industry or subjects from where you want to get updates.


Steps :

  • Header photo size – 1500 pixel x 500 pixel
  • Profile photo size – 500 pixel x 500 pixel
  • Add introduction about yourself in bio section
  • Add your location
  • Add your Website


Structure of Tweet :

  • Give your message first.
  • Short URL
  • Hashtag

The original purpose of hashtag was to categorize the content according to the subject.

Example : #SEO, #PPC, #DigitalMarketing

  • Today hashtag is used for trending topic.
  • If a lot of people speak about hashtag it will create brand awareness on Twitter.


Types of Tweets

  • Text tweet
  • Photo tweet – 512 X 1024 pixel
  • Video tweet – 30 Seconds


Twitter Analytics

  • We can analyze how users have engage with our tweets.
  • Key performance indicators are as follows
  • Reach
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Comments


Twitter Ads

  • Most of the time twitter is good for B2B business and certain selected industries like e-commerce, Electronics, entertainment, politics etc.


Campaign Types

  • Twitter engagement
  • Promoted video views
  • Awareness
  • Website clicks or conversions
  • Followers
  • App install on re-engagements


Conversion Tracking

Go to tools > conversion tracking > create new conversion event

We have two types of event tracking.

  • Universal website tag
  • Single website event

If you want to track only 1 conversion we can use a single event and the tracking code in the thank you page.

Note : If we select Universal Code option it will work for both conversion tracking and remarketing.